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    I’m sure I am not alone, but I’ve become quite disenchanted with the attitudes of some drivers over the last year or two.

    It all began when manufacturers started building these “Rambo utes” – you know, the ones that are 50% taller than the average sedan like the later Ford Rangers etc.   OK, so they’re higher – but then, they are also fitted with these “burn your eyeballs” headlights too.  And it seems many of them are maladjusted, to the point where even on low beam, they sear my eyeballs either via my rearview mirrors or through the windscreen.

    What to do?  Well first I checked with the Police about what I could do – I didn’t want to be “done” for flicking my lights if that is illegal.  I was assured it is not (unless warning other motorists of a radar trap) so I use a flash of my highbeam to let someone coming the other way that their lights are too high. That is often taken quite the wrong way, as many of these Rambo utes also have a whole bar of halogen lights set up across the front, and they delight in “telling me off” by turning them all on as well.

    I continue to flash my lights – if YOU are coming the other way, I am simply letting you know “You need to adjust them lower” if you are NOT on high beam.   I don’t need to have you show me what an array of lumens you possess.   Of course, if you are on high beam, then silently thank me for alerting you to that fact.   :)

    And, if you happen to be a manufacturer, please ensure these damn lights are adjusted to cause the least damage to eyeballs of drivers in sedans. If you are from our Police, perhaps you can add other thoughts re “what can be done” to allow the rest of us to drive at night without being blinded by inconsiderate drivers.

    Grumpy Benny….

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