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    Dear property investor,

    Imagine making a 6-figure profit from a single property deal in only 15 months…

    Results Mentoring Program graduate Rebecca from QLD recently made nearly $400K from an “add value” deal – that took just 15 months from securing the property to banking this substantial profit!

    It’s an exciting real-life example that demonstrates what can be achieved by applying the right strategy to the right property. Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring will be joined by Rebecca for a free live webinar at 7pm AEST on Wednesday June 8th when she will step through the case study of this property deal.

    Rebecca will detail how the opportunity was found and exactly what she did to generate this highly profitable outcome – along with her personal tips and techniques for adding the most value in a renovation.

    Thanks to this and other successful property deals, Rebecca is now enthusiastically thinking about total financial independence. On the live webinar Rebecca will be sharing what she’s up to right now as she rapidly closes in on that goal.

    (That’s Wednesday at 7pm in NSW, ACT, VIC and TAS | 6:30pm in SA | 6pm in QLD | 5:30pm in NT | and 4pm in WA.)


    How to register free for the webinar…

    In order to participate in the webinar you’ll need to register using the link below and follow the instructions to set up the “Zoom” webinar app on your device:

    ==> Register free now 


    You’ll then receive an immediate confirmation with details for attending the on-line event live.


    – Tony


    P.S. – A recording will also be available following the live broadcast. Make sure you register even if you can’t attend at the scheduled time, so that you can access the recording.

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    Hi Tony,

    Since we are no longer on Daylight Saving time, some of these times are incorrect (e.g. Qld for sure, and perhaps NT and WA?):-

    That’s Wednesday at 7pm in NSW, ACT, VIC and TAS | 6:30pm in SA | 6pm in QLD | 5:30pm in NT | and 4pm in WA.


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