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    Dear property investor,

    Find out what inflation, rising interest rates, and borders reopening will mean for Australia’s property market over the year ahead – plus how you can create your own “financial independence” plan to protect yourself from economic shocks and take advantage of the coming opportunities – by joining highly-experienced investors and respected property mentors Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring online for a special 3-hour event this Saturday March 19th.

    Saturday’s free online “Financial Independence” Property Workshop will cover:

    • How rising inflation, higher interest rates, conflict in Europe, and the reopening of Australia’s borders will impact house prices here.
    • The very latest research and outlook for the property market (our 2020 & 2021 forecasts were more accurate than the big banks, so don’t miss our latest predictions for 2022!)
    • Why and where property values are likely to rise strongly (plus the risky locations to avoid like the plague if you plan to protect your wealth!)
    • Practical techniques for finding elusive positive cashflow property deals.
    • Case studies demonstrating “active investing” real estate deals that deliver 5- and 6-figure cash profit outcomes in months rather than years – including real-world examples from the last 12 months!
    • Creating your own financial independence plan – essential for protecting yourself from economic shocks, and if you plan to retire early.
    • This three-hour interactive workshop will teach you about property investing strategies that can help you to make significant profits, potentially exceeding the income from your regular job and helping you gain financial independence.

    The workshop will be run via the Internet from 10am-1pm AEDT on Saturday March 19th and all registered participants will also receive access to the recording.

    ==> Register free now

    Warm regards

    – Tony

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