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  • RayQld
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    Hi Team,

    I need help to evict tenants. They are not back in rent, however, I think they are selling drugs on my premises (No Proof). We haven’t extended the lease and they are on periodic lease. We have sent out notice to leave before and again now and they don’t intend to move out. Any solicitors here who can assist? Property based in Logan, QLD.

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    Hi mate,

    I am sorry to learn of your challenge.

    Sometimes in the past I have found that it is easier to offer a carrot, than a stick. This means incentivising the tenant to move out, rather than paying money to force them out.

    Perhaps “You’ve been a great tenant, and I want us end on the right foot. If you agree to move out by <date – which is a few days before the due date> , I’d be happy to offer you $x to help you settle in to your new home. How does that sound?”

    I also note that there is a tenant dispute mechanism available in Qld, if you go down that road:

    Next, you could put it in the hands of a rental manager, who will be happy to resolve it for you, for a fee.

    Finally, you could make an appointment with a lawyer to act on your behalf.


    – Steve

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    Sorry to hear that Ray!

    As crazy as Steve’s advice sounds, I’ve heard of people having to do similar. It might help to avoid the chances of tenants doing serious property damage?

    Did you have any luck with it? Cheers

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