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    Each census we get asked whether we rent or own the property we’re in. Based on the answers published about a year later by the ABS, we can calculate the proportion of renters to owner-occupiers in a suburb.

    I’ve heard some professionals in the industry suggest that investors want a high proportion of renters since it reflects demand. That is completely elbow-about-face.

    Other experts suggest there’s some goldielocks range that is not too high and not too low.

    What does the data say? Well here’s a chart based on calcs I made in 2018…

    This chart shows the relationship between capital growth and proportion of renters. The figures used were from the 2016 census. The capital growth was for the 2 years from 2016 to 2018 (time of calculation).

    The census before 2016 was 2011…

    And before that we had 2006…

    As you can see, the correlation doesn’t change even over a long period of time. And there’s no sweet-spot apparent either. The lower the proportion of renters, the better the capital growth.

    It’s pretty straightforward analysis, but if you don’t have the data; or analysis skills; or you simply couldn’t be bothered, then spewing out a baseless opinion is an efficient alternative to being right.

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