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    I don’t believe in Information Overload. I want more data, not less. But I accept some investors may get confused with the massive range available.

    I focus my attention on supply & demand. It’s a well-established law of price growth that’s been around for 400 years.

    I’ll admit there are some metrics that can be difficult to classify (e.g. expert bust #1 population growth). So, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

    But most metrics aren’t as deceiving. And so long you look at a large range, if most seem to be in agreement, then that raises more confidence about a suburb’s potential.

    I don’t think analysis paralysis is anything to be embarrassed about. Fear is a natural response to not knowing what the future holds.

    The correct response should not be courage. The correct response should be to identify doubts and perform research to address them.

    Anyway, here’s the easiest and totally free research for novice investors to avoid disaster and it’s supported by historical research:

    • Don’t buy new
    • Buy a house, not a unit
    • Don’t buy near vacant land (greenfield estates)
    • Have patience

    One really good thing about property is that time covers over a multitude of mistakes.

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    That’s a rather nice summation Jeremy !!   A very sage collection of important points.  Kudos !!



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