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    Every few years I hear marketing from investment experts along the lines of:

    You need to adapt to the new phase in the cycle. What worked in the past won’t work now.

    I’m yet to find a case in the last 40 years where capital growth hasn’t “worked” for property investors.

    But imagine you’re a professional operating in a very specific patch and that patch is now peaking. You need to manage client expectations regarding growth. Instead of saying:

    “Buy elsewhere using the services of someone else”

    Instead, they effectively say:

    “Use my services, but don’t expect any growth, you need to adapt”

    But there’s always somewhere good to invest for growth…

    Over the last 20 years, there’s only been about 3 years in which double-digit growth wasn’t happening in any of the 4 cities shown.

    The chart would have been too “busy” if I showed the top 20 significant urban areas over the last 40 years.

    There’s no need for investors to adapt, all they need to do is change “where” their focus is.

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