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    Recently, two separate Councils (in Queensland) and their Rates notices haven’t provided information on my payments made to them, and I wondered why :-

    1.  They actually don’t provide information re any payments I have made in the past, and

    2.  How does one reconcile any concerns re recent payments you have made vs their displayed “Balance owing”?  Why should we have to call them to work this out?  Why isn’t this data always on the Rates Notices?

    3.  Why I hadn’t noticed this omission before?

    e.g. With most other regular bills I pay, my recent payments are detailed – e.g. phone bill, power, etc.   But, is this only a Qld thing with Rates?

    What happens in other States?  Does your Rates notice HAVE this data?  If this is nationwide, I wonder WHY this is?     Shouldn’t ALL payments made be visible on the Rates Notice?

    I am currently convinced that I have made more payments than are reflected in the Balance of my last Rates notice, so I rang them.   Their answer was “Oh, we never do post details of your payments”.   My answer was “Why not?”   For my part, I have sent a complaint form to my local Council re this omission, and have requested a copy of ALL transactions re my Rates for the last 12 months. I’ve yet to hear back….

    But what is the go in your State?  I’d really like to know.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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