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    Anyone interested in a free box of 48 Wealth creation magazines?

    Most are about Property, some Money mags.

    Some advice is way out of date like the market review of years past.

    But some advice is timeless, like successful investors sharing their story of how they did it, tips to boost your rent, how to negotiate a deal, etc.

    If you actually, read, absorb, and enact the ideas in these, great things will happen. I’m still on my investing journey but can attest to their usefulness.

    These helped me build a portfolio since 2003.

    Now is time to pass on.

    Pick up is in Morley or West Perth, WA.

    If you want to pay $30 for postage, I’ll post to you.

    Now is time to pass on.

    Best way to contact me is to call or message:

    0451 356 367

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