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    Hi all,

    My names Chris Krebs, I live regionally with my wife and our dog children at this stage in sunny Bundaberg, QLD. (peaceful life) I’m here for assistance from the pros.

    I’m here to learn how to become a smart and savvy investor. I’m after a property investor mentor / coach or two (preferably seasoned) who doesn’t mind some odd questions and a lot of requests for advice and strategy.

    Where I’m up to:

    Currently, I have been reading a couple of Steve’s books just about finished. I am interested in best strategies that have been working for you over the last 5years and currently in 2021 and what you’re planning on working on moving forwards.

    I am also ready to purchase my first investment property with my wife so after all the tips I can.

    So, who’s up to coach me to become a sophisticated property investor. give me a call. 0411 779 772



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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