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    Dear All,


    I have an apartment in Melbourne CBD (postcode 3000), its windows is rusty, mouldy, up to the point the windows have water leaks whenever it is raining. I have raised this issue to the Owners Corporation since 2019, they kept on stating it is owner’s responsibility to get the windows panels replaced. However, I contacted handymen, none of them wanted to take the job as they advised the rust is too serious and ordinary repair will not last long. Sealing the glass from inside would not achieve what needs to happen and the windows need to be sealed from outside.


    I need advice on how to move forward please, I need the apartment leased ASAP.


    property_avid | NA

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    Sorry to hear about this!

    It does sound like a structural failure of the external building, which is typically an Owner’s Corp matter.

    I recommend getting a copy of the governing document, ascertaining whether there is a sinking fund, and then heading off to a friendly lawyer to seek further help. Getting a builder to attest to the issue being a structural failure and not just a ‘wear and tear’ maintenance issue will be important.

    All the best,

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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