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    Hey guys,

    I am a first time investor, currently looking at getting my first investment property.
    I am open to all areas around Australia and have a budget of around $300k.

    my goal was to find a cashflow positive property with potential for growth however I understand how difficult this can be.

    I would like to understand from some more experienced investors, if they were in my position now, what strategy would they recommend.

    I understand this is quite an open question but keen to see people’s response none the less.





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    Hey Chris,


    Mate finding a CF+ property is not hard, and that’s before talking about TAX benefits.

    The growth is speculative, however, can be forecasted.


    Well I do these things with clients and ask a lot more than the above mate, I would say you need to understand firstly your current financial position and your end financial goals and then each property/asset should be getting you closer to that goal.

    E.g. a property that makes you $50k in two years or something like this might be a good goal, or something that has CF of $3000 per year. whatever it may be your seeking for the property or asset you want and then using that to get closer to your end goal


    E.g end goal : $2000 per week income from assets.


    There are so so so many options for what to do and lots are good and lots bad.


    I wish you all the best mate and hope this assists.


    Disclaimer : This is general and does not take in your circumstances and is not intended to be acted on in any way.



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