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    If you have 2 properties side-by-side with identical blocks of land, but the dwelling on one property is new and the other is old, the old will have better capital growth. It’s a mathematical certainty – all other things being equal.

    Investors have been duped by developers and those pushing new. Historical data, maths & logic confirm that old properties outperform new ones. This is convincingly proven in topic #3 from the Expert Busting series.

    Before you go claiming the “benefits” of depreciation. higher rent, lower maintenance or stamp duty savings, check out the full article in the on the Select Residential Property website. None of those things come anywhere close to making amends for the inferior growth.

    An extract from the article…

    Mooloolaba vacant land sales chart

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    Mate this is circumstantial to the purchase price.


    If I buy the new property for 500k but the older ones 550k then?


    I agree with almost everything you said though.

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