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    Happy New Year…  :)

    At least I hope it will be.   After a rather dogged 2020, with much to stress us all, I remain hopeful that this New Year will be better eventually.

    If you had it tough last year, I certainly feel for you – there have been so many trials as Australia comes to grips with a new enemy.

    Some governmental mis-steps can be forgiven, while others might be harder to forgive and forget.  My own state (Queensland) has stayed virtually virus-free – but at what cost?  How many folk have lost businesses, or all hope as our border stayed shut way too long?   With tourism a major earner for Qld, having a shut border doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  I fear some balance was lost last year – sure, there was a health problem from the virus, but perhaps a far larger health problem was overlooked as folk lost their homes and businesses due to shut downs and closed borders, with some even taking their own lives.  My heart goes out to all who have been struggling through all this.  I can only hope for things to improve as govts learn newer and better ways to handle a tough enemy.

    And, if you are one who has had to scramble to get back into Victoria by midnight tonight, and have been stuck in a queue for hours already, I feel for you too.  I am currently hearing horror stories of hours in a car to travel just a Km or two, with another 30Km still to go.  Will you make it before the border slams shut at midnight tonight?  Or will you turn into a pumpkin?   I hear of those whose paperwork is in order, but where is the “Fast queue”?   I hope the Police are able to OPEN more entry points into Vic to clear these massive backlogs.  It all sounds too awful.

    I pray for more clear heads of govt in 2021 with less knee-jerk reactions, and more sound health decisions overall.


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    Grim report……………..


    Hopefully things clear up for 2021

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