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    Dear Property Investor,

    In recent years, a global movement known as FIRE – which stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early” – has been quietly growing in popularity.

    FIRE is a lifestyle movement aimed at using financial discipline and smart investing strategies to accumulate assets and create income streams to replace your job – enabling retirement from traditional work decades earlier than otherwise possible.

    In spite of increasing media coverage, surveys carried out in 2018 showed that around 2/3 of people have still never heard of the ‘FIRE’ movement.

    The team at Results Mentoring have been following the principles years before the ‘FIRE’ label was invented – with a growing number of their members having already achieved financial independence through their property investing.

    Results Mentoring will be running a free live webinar at 7pm AEDT this Tuesday, where they’ll be joined by one of their financially independent members – James Manna – to discuss how being able to retire early has made a massive difference to his lifestyle.

    James will demonstrate how he just created a 6-figure profit from one of his latest property deals, and explain how he went from having zero property investing experience and working in a high-pressure corporate IT job, to being able to retire from the ‘rat race’ in just 5 years by using active property investing strategies!

    If you’d like to get ‘FIREd’ yourself, and want to use real estate as your vehicle for escaping the rat race, then don’t miss this webinar!

    It’s happening on Tuesday October 20th, at 7pm AEDT.

    (That’s 7pm in NSW, ACT, VIC & TAS; 6:30pm in SA; 6pm in QLD; 5:30pm in NT; and 4pm in WA.)


    How to register free for the webinar…

    In order to participate in the webinar you’ll need to register using the link below and follow the instructions to set up the “Zoom” webinar app on your device:

    ==> Register free now

    You’ll then receive an immediate confirmation with details for attending the on-line event live.

    All registrants will also be sent a recording of the webinar, so I recommend registering even if you can’t attend the live session.

    Please feel free to share the webinar link with your investing friends and anyone else you think may benefit. There is no cost to attend.

    I look forward to seeing you on-line!

    – Tony



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