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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been investing, building, and developing for over 34 years now. i have decided to join this forum as i am now approaching early retirement, and even though i am still learning as much as i can every day, i’m hoping i can share a few things with people on here as well.

    My experience is pretty broad, but i’ m no guru. i’m not much of a net worker, in fact i prefer to do my own thing and take what i believe i need from all strategies. and i believe almost every strategy works. but all of the them should be questioned, to find the one that works for you,

    I want to be upfront, i still buy / sell, build, and develop. and my businesses still supply a lot of property investors, advisers, and investment companies with opportunities. i know this may come out eventually. and i want to be upfront & clear i am not n here to promote business. only to share, and learn. i will not participate in any conversations on this forum that involve these things. but happy discuss some pitfalls, and risks people face in these transactions and how they can manage and /or avoid them. i would prefer to remain anonymous in regards to the business side of things, because that is not what i am here for.

    I am sure even with so many years under my belt there will be a lot of questions i can not, or will not answer. but if there is any information or knowledge, particularly with mindsets, as i have had many challenges in this area personally, and i believe this is possibly where i can help the most.

    Anyway i hope i can be of benefit to anyone on this forum, and i look forward to helping and learning as much as i can.






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    Glad to have you on the forum. I look forward to your contributions. What areas do you build in?

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    Nice to hear about your experience. I have just started getting into the property investment and been reading about various strategies. But not actually sure if anyone can make decent money from the market nowadays unless you are a developer. With most of the investment strategies widely known and competition like never before, there is not much return and hardly any incentive to grow the portfolio. The market has done very well in the past decade but there are lots of uncertainties about the future. Most of the people I know who made money were purely due to their luck using buy and hold strategy. I am little doubtful that this strategy will work that well in the future.

    I would like to hear your opinion about this and see how you feel about the current market condition,


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    You can certainly do great today, tomorrow is obviously hard to forecast but if the world recovers & goes back to business as usual then yes there will be future growth.

    One thing is – there has never been as much money in the world as of today.

    Providing the population doesn’t do anything crazy, property will be a great financial asset.


    Wish you all the best!

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