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  • liz28
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    Hi fellow members. I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm.

    I would like to ask your opinions and advices regarding which area is best to purchase for future growth. We found a 304.5sqm land in Colebee which is just within our budget. Before that, we were also looking in Box Hill, NSW for a land size of 325sqm but the agent have increased the price which is over our budget. My questions are:

    1. Is the 304.5sqm land in Colebee worthy to buy for future growth/equity?

    2. Will we go beyond our budget to purchase a bigger land in Box Hill?

    3. Which is better place for future growth, Colebee or Box Hill?


    Thank you in advance.

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    Good Day Liz,

    All the questions you have are very subjective


    but I would say you should thoroughly review both potential options & the potential outcomes of both, the risk etc & that should give you a better idea.


    or seek professional advice.


    wish you all the best!


    Kind regards

    Jaxon Avery
    JPA Financial services



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