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    hi guys

    need a suggestion about investing at this time or should wait for price drop

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    If the numbers add up and it fits your current strategy and position then there is no question.

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    wait for price drop

    You can’t predict or time the market, so don’t even try it.

    Make offers based on numbers that:

    a) makes sense

    b) provide you with buffer

    c) allow you to add value so you create equity rather than “waiting for equity to build up over time”.

    Study the area well and make sure the place where you invest and how you invest fits your strategy.

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    Hi Sukh,

    Yes, I believe it is a good time to invest.  Prices in many areas are discounted (given the current situation), and interest rates are low.

    However as Jaxon says, ensure the numbers add up and ensure that whatever investment you make aligns with your longer term strategy.  Do you due diligence research on specific areas, consider different options, then make a decision. | Digital Platform for Property Investors
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    I think it is always a good time to invest, the question just is where is the best place to invest now. If you think prices in the market you are interested in are going to drop then make offers based on your predicted prices. If they accept you offer and your prediction comes true you are covered and if the price drop doesn’t come then you bought really well.

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