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    Hi everyone!

    Dubbo council has been investigating suitable sites for temporary workers of the large number of solar farms to be built in the Dubbo/Wellington area.

    I currently own a site that would be perfect for this. It’s approx 7,000m2 in one of Wellington’s best streets. Previously we have had a DA approved for a number of villas but the land sits vacant for now.

    I see this as a fantastic opportunity to create a positive cashflow property, however I am time poor and based in Tasmania so it’s difficult for me to pursue things further.


    Im seeking a JV partner who has time and ability to

    – seek approval via council for the site

    – arrange a head lease with one of the solar company’s, or similar.

    – assist in project management of the construction phase

    – assist in negotiating a sale if beneficial.

    Thanks for your time!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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