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    i have bought a property which is about to settle in 8 days.

    no building inspection was done and none is being allowed by the seller at the final inspection which will be in 4 days.

    the contract of sale did not contain a building permit for the extension done 5 years ago. The other issue is it didn’t contain a builders warranty insurance. My solicitor has requested this from the seller’s solicitor several times and nothing has been received to date.

    So I don’t know who the builder was and now have doubts about the quality of the extension.

    i have the right to rescind the contract since not providing the above is a clear breach of the Building Act.

    is there any way to get a copy of the building permit or at least find out who the builder was without going through council? Council won’t give it to me as I am not listed as owner.

    Thanks for any advice

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    It’s a red flag that they are not allowing a building inspection. I wouldn’t go ahead with a deal if the seller did that.

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