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    Thought I would introduce all PI members to an Australian first in the SMSF property loan space.

    In conjunction with our legal advisers & Superannuation Lawyers Cooper Grace Ward we are now able to offer SMSF’s an opportunity to purchase residential property in QLD, NSW, ACT & WA property to a lvr of 85% without having to go thru the expense of setting up a Bare Trust or incurring LMI.

    All property locations are considered and there is no minimum SMSF Balance or high servicing hurdles.

    We have approved a number of applications this week alone from SMSF’s that have been told from other lenders that they don’t have a sufficient Fund balance (Usually 200-250K) or they need a percentage cash surplus post settlement.

    If you are looking to purchase a property inside your SMSF and want an alternative finance options or have an actual SMSF scenario feel free to drop me an email and we can send you some details.


    Yours in Finance

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