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    I’m considering an investment unit and the decision is between a north/east facing unit with potentially a glimpse of the tail end of lake and with a 7 storey apartment complex in front, but the unit I’m considering is on 9th floor, or a west facing unit with amazing views of the mountain ranges and nothing obstructing the view.I’m buying off the plan.I love the mountain view but where I’m buying gets extremely hot in Summer, and cold in Winter. There would be no sun in unit until late afternoon, and extremely hot in Summer. I would always choose North/east facing over west but is it worth giving up an amazing view as a result?

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    Hi Tiggie,
    Given a choice of only those two options, I’d go the NE facing one. My main reason being that West is quite bad for heat, AND there is no guarantee that you will have a mountain view in one year’s time anyway (depending of course on the aspects of the surrounding land). i.e. I assume it is possible to build to the West of your Unit – but maybe not, if there is a canal, or land already used for infrastructure – rail, motorway, etc.

    You would know whether it is possible to build to the West or not (thus blocking your view). If you keep the view, you still get the oppressive Westside heat – can airconditioning cope?

    Hmmm – and just now, on a re-read of your post, I caught this bit:-
    I’m buying off the plan.
    Well, after answering you with my opinion on “aspect”, I also want to add the following:-
    Personally I am not overly interested in Units, and particularly not if they are Off-The-Plan. There is just too much that can go wrong, and I much prefer to own a chunk of land. I would only consider a unit if it were a small part of a boutique block in an already settled area of a city (no hi-rise for me thanks). Just thought I’d add that wee note of caution….

    There are some really good references in here re “Buying off-the-plan” that you might want to seek out. If you have trouble finding them, come on back – but have a look in the Training Centre first.


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    “is it worth giving up an amazing view as a result?”

    Yes, yes it is. If you are going to be uncomfortable all year the view will lose its appeal fairly quickly. Resale will be more focussed on confort and NE aspect too in many cases. I agree with Benny that OTP is really risky right now, please be careful.

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