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    Are you interested in learning how to Develop Property?

    Do you know that now could be the best time to start in many years!

    If you have a look at some of the statistics below you can see why it looks like the market is headed up:

    • Rental vacancies are dropping significantly
    • Building approvals are at the lowest for 10 years + meaning less housing coming to the market
    • There is $75B of project spending coming to WA, with possibly 20,000 plus jobs
    • Incomes are going up

    I am sure you know what happened last time there was a lot of mining money being spent and new jobs created.

    Yep, prices went up.

    So, the question is, do you want to make the most of what is looking to be an up cycle for Perth?

    If you are someone that wants to take ACTION, then you should come along to the Free Property Development Session run by two local developers and educators Craig & Jeremy.

    Craig & Jeremy have educated hundreds of local property investors, have a combined development experience of over 20 years in Perth and have been involved in many millions of dollars of Property Developments, such as single builds, apartment complexes and larger subdivisions.

    In the session you will learn:

    1. Why they think the Perth market is set to improve
    2. What you need to know as a developer to succeed
    3. How you can start down the development path quickly & easily

    Note, this is only for someone that is ready to take Action and really intends on starting developments within the next 6-9 months. It’s not for people that love attending seminars but don’t really intend to do anything with the knowledge.

    So if you are ready to take action, register at for the session which will be held on the 7th of February, 6pm in the Boardroom at the Loftus Recreation Centre.

    Make it an awesome year!

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    Property Development Education Specific to Perth

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