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    Hey All,

    My business partner and I have purchased 4 properties in the US over the past 7 years and the time has come for us to sell them. They have been great to us and are still performing very well, however due to trying to simplify our investments we are looking at selling our properties in the US to bring our money back to Australia and focus on our investments over here.

    I just thought we would be able to provide an opportunity to forum readers if they were interested to be able to purchase the properties. Like I said they are providing a good return so would be a good investment for anyone looking at making a bit of money. Unfortunately the majority of the capital gains in the properties appears to have been achieved, but the rental returns are still very impressive. Definitely better than anything that can be achieved in Australia without getting creative.

    Below is a summary of each property.

    1413 Huntdale Street East Lehigh Acres 33936 – Price $160,000 (US) – Rent Received – $850 per month
    912 Ridgeway Dr North Fort Myers, FL 33903 – Price $145,000 (US) – Rent Received – $1,000 per month
    1115 Lovely Ln North Fort Myers, FL 33903 – Price $160,000 (US) – Rent Received – $900 per month
    3416 South St, North Fort Myers, FL 33903 – Price $115,000 (US) – Rent Received – $900 per month

    All the values are based on current Zillow estimates, all the properties can be looked up and you can get further details.

    All financial details including tax returns of the properties can be provided to show the actual return after all expenses.

    Any interest please just let us know.

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