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    Hi Guys,

    I’ll start off my firstly apologizing if this isn’t the platform to be posting on!

    I’ll begin with the cliche “long time lurker, first time poster”. Secondly, I would like to thank you all for the help over the years, including the years to come.

    I am 22 and currently own two investment properties. Unfortunately, with the tightening of the banks lending capacities I don’t see myself adding to my portfolio any time soon! Currently, I am working in a school as an Education Support Officer (teachers aid). I love my job and enjoy helping young people grow. In saying this, I have been experiencing some micromanagement which is making me grow frustrated with my job. Additionally on my current salary it will be tough to continue to invest with the banks being at the stage they are. I have been a strong saver all my life and save more than enough money per week to pay for any expenses that arise and building my capital.

    Due to these reasons I am kind of looking for a sea change. Does any one here have any ideas as to what I can do within this industry to 1) Earn more money. 2) Enjoy another career. 3) Build my skill set to be more of an asset to tasks.

    I look forward to any responses with ideas in which I can pursue. Again, thank you all for your continued support of the community here on PropertyInvesting.

    Thank you all!

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    “do something you love and you wont work a day in your life”

    BB I came to a similar point I realized I needed more income to grow the portfolio I wanted in the time frame I desired.

    Think more about what your willing to do and look at what you want, lifestyle, hours, study, etc.

    everything in life has a cost, work out what your willing to do for that income, for e.g. mortgage brokers can earn really good coin and the study requirement is fairly low, so essentially you could do it on the side for cheap while still working and get accredited before you even quit your current job, then start off on a possibly higher starting salary.
    (as an example, not stating in any way this is specific and you should do this)

    Kind regards

    Jaxon Avery

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    I am 22 and currently own two investment properties.

    Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement!

    Being young means you have a lot of flexibility, can afford mistakes and try out different jobs to see what you like and are good at.

    What is your education background? It might be a good idea to go to Seek and search for jobs relevant to your education, see what the salary is like, go for interviews and decide if you think you’ll like the job.

    If you want to expand your skillset, there are a number of free/low-cost online courses such as, and LinkedIn Learning which has a free trial period.

    I personally have been reading up on articles on Seeking Alpha, to expand my knowledge on the sharemarket. This may be a good way to invest my savings when I cannot borrow anymore for a property.

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    Consider what you like to do, what you are passionate about and work out a way to monetize it.

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