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    We have a 10m frontage and are looking to build a single carport that would finish right on the fenceline at the front boundary.

    So will need a DA?

    We got a quote to have one built as we thought it would be easiest to let the company deal with all the approvals and council stuff, only to get a quote back for 9.5k UNAPPROVED! “Only little old ladies bother to get it through council but you can if you want to…”

    We can get one from gumtree for 1/10 of that price and that would hurt less to pull it down if council ever knocked on the door.

    But a quick look on the planning alerts site and neither of the 2 on my street that have done the same thing (one with a garage door right on the boundary) in the kast few years look like they applied for a da.

    I wanted to spend about 7k total to get it erected, but currently thinking of just using this money on paying all the fees, and building it myself (DA lasts 1 year only??). This hurts when others don’t bother.

    Am I a fool for paying these fees, or is it a no brainer?

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    Mm44, the best and easiest thing is speak to your local planning office and see if they can provide any information, I would even do this several times as you might get one person willing to explain the whole process for you.

    Look there is a lot of non compliance that is going unpunished Australia wide, now this does not mean it wont bite you in the ass but it is a clear indication that your not the one hair standing tall that is going to be cut.

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    Hi MM,
    Wow. I’ve been out of it awhile, so my “numbers” might be a little out-of-date – but that quote just blew my mind !! My first thought would be to get two more quotes (at least) and have them itemise the expenses – i.e. If they are not providing the DA part, where does all of the expense come from? Are there major earthworks to be done? ‘Cos if not, I’d think that first quote you mentioned is likely to be providing his Bali holiday later this year !!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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