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    Hi, I’m not one to post a question or comments often but in this case I feel the need as I’m certain I am being ripped off from our current accountant. My wife and I have been using our accountant for two years now and have been shocked with the charges that have come our way. Here is the breakdown of fees for the last two years:

    2017 Return Fees

    Individual Group Certificate – Wife $220.00
    Individual Group Certificate – Myself $220.00
    Investment Property & Depreciation Setup $600.00
    TOTAL $1,040.00

    2018 Return Fees

    Individual Group Certificate $220.00
    Individual Group Certificate $220.00
    Investment Property & Depreciation $550.00 ($50 Less then last year)
    Sale of Shares (DRP) Single Security $660.00 (Shares held since 2001 with DRP)
    TOTAL $1,650.00

    As you can see this is not cheap for individual tax returns with a single investment property. The big price tag that shocked us also was the sale of one of our shares to work out CGT.

    If any accountants out there that are looking at this and live in City of Casey region and are alot cheaper please let me know so I can reach out to you for next year.


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    I am not an accountant but it looks cheap to me.

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    Did you get a depreciation report done by a quantity surveyor for the investment property or was this done by the Accountant?
    Do you go and see the Accountant or can you email documentation to them so the Accountant doesn’t need to be in the Casey area?

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