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    Posting this because these guys are genuinely great.

    2 point setup fees (+sundries) max LV 60%. 5/7 year fixed (your choice of length) I got 4.xx% P&I with balance to be paid in 15 years.

    Hopefully Dodd Frank will be fixed in 15 years.

    What they also did (though it cost $5k on their end and $4k on my end to convince the banks lawyers with semi made up ‘stamps’) was to finance the property (residential 4unit) inside an Australian Superannuation entity – ie: bare trust/trust arrangement.

    Those that know the US, would know Resi finance is all but unobtainable from banks. A simple search online will find you 6% I/O but it has to be in a US entity – or your own name. Getting 4.xx% on a foreign entity loan with resi security is quite an achievement. Having done it once, I’ve paid the discovery fees for the process – any new loans should be much more straightforward.
    I dealt with Neil Patel + 1 424 488 3566 and Damon Germanides +1 424 488 3551 – I will be very fresh in their minds.

    If anything changes I will amend this post, but this is very nice finance for people wanting to buy in Ca. Especially if you want your Super out of $AUD and with quite a deal of flexibility in operation.

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