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    I am looking at buying a Commercial Shed on the Sunshine/Gold Coast. Less than 200sqm. There are a few sitting empty in the local estate that I am looking to purchase. What would the risk be of it sitting empty for years? Just keep lowering the price until it is leased I guess?
    Any standard prices per sqm for a concrete tilt shed to buy and leasing rates that I should be considering?
    Listings seem to be about $2071/sqm to buy and to lease is about $125/sqm/y plus outgoings.
    Never dipped my toes into Commercial any tips would be great…

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    loan structures are different (you will generally need 30% plus for put down)
    setting leases is more difficult but more lucrative (potentially)
    yields are generally higher
    Multiple options to get a tenant yes making the price competitive is a must.

    have a clear strategy, understand the demographic and have enough CF to survive the time it takes to get a lease in force.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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