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    Has anyone had experience importing building materials and other products direct from China to renovate or build? Is there significant savings and what are the issues/pitfalls. I am looking to build on my PPOR and wanted to get a higher spec at a lower cost but am not aware of anybody doing this, the quality of the products and whether it was worthwhile. Would be interested in your thoughts

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    I can help you with this. If you are a small time operator, it is not worth your time effort and money. Not unless you are buying enough to build a Meriton and are filling 20 containers.

    My friend imports to building materials for apartments into Fiji, but that is because he cannot buy locally.

    I bought building tools into Australia, only half a container worth. My import quote was $1200, but it ended up being around $4,5k-5k total, ontop of material costs. He had fees out the wazoo, wharf fees, customs fees, taxes, sitting at the dock fees, unloading fees, postage and phone call fees.

    My product ended up costing my about half the local price, but it was a lot of effort to save $4-5k. Not worth it really.
    But if you are buying a whole container it might be worthwhile… It really makes you appreciate the prices at Bunnings, they are very reasonable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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