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    I am looking for a financial planner and or general advice in relation to a retirement strategy with a negatively geared portfolio (all properties in Sydney).

    Can somebody help me or point me in the right direction?

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    Why a financial planner? This doesn’t involve financial products so licensing needed.

    The only way to retire on negative geared propertied would be to either sell one, borrow against one, or wait till the positive cash flow is enough. Or a combo

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    Or keep spending your savings on the shortfall until portfolio becomes positive (but that could be risky, all depends on specific situation I guess)

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    You could vendor finance selling some of your portfolio to increase cash flow (approaching the tenants first to see if they want to buy)…then when they finally settle move these funds in to higher yielding property

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    I am happy to have a chat and break down a strategy to reach your end goal. Pm you details.

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    I do development and there may be something you can do with what you already have with out using additional funds of your own. Happy to discuss. I am in Sydney. PM or email.Thanks

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