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    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas if Dual Income properties are a good investment – in terms of appreciation and do banks lend for these type of properties.

    I understand Duplex’s are a good investment however, their price have significantly increased

    Any feedback or advice on which is better


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    firstly, Dual income, Airbnb, etc are far higher return as a generalisation. Appreciation isnt based on income earnt, its based on age of property.

    Be careful with the exact deal, e.g. uni dual livings etc, sometimes there are crapy rules.

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    Hi Rajs…..what makes a good investment to you? Capital gains? Rental yeild? What area are you looking at? What are your goals? Borrowing capacity? Risk tolerance?The more information you provide the more specifically this community can help :-)

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    Hi Raj

    You are correct the prices of duel’s are high but so are the returns for now!

    I have sold several in the last year in QLD as low as $515,000 and as high as $899,000 if you are thinking of getting a purchase i would do so sooner than later,
    my most recent update on Duel’s in QLD is that the local councils are changing the build criteria to the land size must be 700m2 and that separate utilities must go in from June this year, that will bump the land price up by maybe $100k and the utilities will be around $25k so i have been informed, this means the price’s will rise or the developers will stop building them as someone has to pick up that cost.
    I am selling my off the plan ones now as i feel after June they will be harder to find and more costly.

    Hope that helps.

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