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    Hi guys,
    Newbie here but have been following the forum a while. I’m sure this has been discussed numerous times before but I’m struggling to find a definitive answer to a couple of question. I’ve been going through act planning docos and they don’t seem to be very clear on certain aspects. Hoping to pick your brains here pls :).

    The block is in RZ2 and the size is 813m2. Currently an old family home built in 1971.
    RZ2 allows for “dual-occupancy” (min 700m2) and each dwelling can treated as a separate title.
    I’m thinking of knocking the house down and rebuild a duplex on this property with both dwellings facing the street.The thought is to rent one and live in the other.
    But also I wanna be in a position to be able to sell one off in future in case circumstances or anything changes from the current plan.

    I’ve attached a link to the development code as reference.

    1) Do I need to subdivide the block to achieve the above ?

    2) I read about “dual-occ unit-titled”, does this method allow me to achieve the above without subdividing ? Would I then need some sort of ‘body corporate” since the term says unit-titled ? What is the cons of doing it this way ? or pros ?

    3) The plot-ratio is indicated as 50% on ‘single dwelling blocks in RZ2 ‘(3.4,R8,Page7). However I also came across another rule (3.5,R9,Page7) which says plot ratio of 65% on RZ2 on ‘ blocks other than single dwelling blocks in RZ1, RZ2, RZ3 and RZ4’. What does this mean and how do I determine if I can achieve 65% as indicated by this rule ?

    Much appreciate any response.


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    Have you had a look at the ACT Land Titles Practice Manual 2017? It may contain some really good information, including the procedural guidance to the ACT Land Titles Office which administers the Land Titles issues in Canberra.

    The link is here:

    Having a chat to the staff at the shopfront in Dickson should also give you all the answers that you need.

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