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    Hi All,
    Anyone know of any good real estate agents in Adelaide?

    David Thiu
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    Hi Sarah,

    What type of real estate agent are you looking for and in which area?

    You’ve got Sales Agent that specialise in certain areas that can get the biggest bang for when it comes to selling your property

    You’ve got Rental Agents that can manage your property to maximise the yield, reduce vacancy rates and ensure you have the right tenant

    You’ve got buyers agents that can source property for you, do the research and negotiate on your behalf

    Furthermore they all tend to specialise in certain areas

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the response :) I am looking for a rental agent…I’ve just purchased a property and looking to get it rented.

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    Property manager – that’s an easy one.

    David Traeger at – he looks after a lot of my clients properties and personally is an active investor in the Adelaide market.

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    @sarahlouise what suburb did you buy in? Feel free to drop me an email :)

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    Try Xenia at:

    ALEXA Real Estate
    RLA 234 751I
    [email protected]
    0412 437 582

    We would have introduced hundreds of clients to her over the last decade or so and never had any complaints.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Mortgage Broker helping investors build their wealth thru property
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