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    We have a 959sqm block in Melville WA and want to sub divide down the center creating two blocks being 480sqm
    Our street frontage is only 19.8m meaning we fall short of the minimum 10m per block.
    We had surveying done several years ago with the intention of sub dividing then had to put it on hold.
    1. how recent must the survey’s be in order to present to council?
    2. has anyone else split in Melville or similar with a smaller street frontage than is specified by council?
    3. what needs to be included within an application for a smaller than required frontage?

    Thanks in advance

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    1. call planning office (get online website details and study it)
    3. call planning office and if applicable get a planner or certifier to assist.

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    Hi Russell

    By the sounds of it your block is a R20 block. As your frontage is only 19.8m then your only choice will be to do house behind house. The 10m rule cannot be varied. Even with the new changes in the WA planning commission the 10m rule still applies.

    The City of Melville also has made an amended to their town planning scheme which would make it difficult to build single storey homes with double garages on frontages less than 10.5m

    Survey – The age of the survey may not be an issue but just depends on which surveyor you are using to do this with.

    I hope this helps

    Ben Leitch
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    Hi Russell,

    Does either neighbour have a block large enough that you might buy 200mm of land from it? There might be cost involved e.g. fencing, but if it allows a second build, and one neighbour can help for a decent price, it might be worth it(??)


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    Hello Russell,

    Can I suggest that you call Gavin from The Land Division 9209 3232. He will be able to advise what is possible in 5 minutes, and he won’t charge. Say you have been talking to me.

    David Hall | Momentum Wealth
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