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    If anyone knows of or owns a full course copy of Cherie Barber’s course, which they would like to sell, please kindly email: [email protected]
    I would also like the live recording of the 3 day boot camp.
    Thankyou for any assistance.

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    Dear Rosetta,

    I am the student support coordinator at Renovating For Profit.

    In response to this ad looking to buy Cherie Barber’s Intellectual Property, I would like to remind you that you will never receive the full system accessing the information this way. The following explains why you should consider enrolling directly through the renovating for profit office rather than purchasing illegal copies of Cherie’s system. (Please contact the office on 02 9555 5010 to discuss payment arrangements).

    First and foremost, you may be buying outdated versions of the system – Cherie is constantly updating her checklists, templates, step by step guides etc. to suit the current market, which has changed so much even in the past year. If you buy an older version of the books, this could actually be damaging to your strategy. Which is concerning!

    Online Access

    Cherie is always updating the information online and Renovating For Profit take a no mercy approach to illegal sharing of the online login information. We only allow new registrations to activate an account on 2 devices, multiple logins from different IP’s trigger a warning which locks students out of accounts if we detect the illegal sharing of login information, as it’s a serious breach of the terms and conditions of enrolments. There have been several students this year who have been locked out of the website due to illegally sharing login information as it’s a breach of the contract originally signed, RFP are well within rights to deny access.

    Community Pages

    The Renovating For Profit Face book state pages are restricted to registered members only and the administrator of these pages are only authorized to accept requests from registered members who appear as either a Student or Graduate of Renovating For Profit – in our database.

    Enrolments are nontransferable – you cannot buy Cherie’s course from a person who has already enrolled, the enrolment cannot be transferred into someone else’s name.

    Property Coaching – this service is also only available to registered members and is checked upon request each time for coaching, as it’s not a service that we provide to the general public. Cherie’s media appearances generate a lot of renovating related questions from the general public however we have had to take a hard stance and only provide this service to students who have enrolled and paid for the course. This service alone is worth a large chuck of the enrolment fee, as you have someone to guide and coach you throughout your first projects.

    To summarize, I’m afraid that you will be getting ripped off if you purchase only the course materials second hand from a former student as the information in the books and dvds does not make up the full potential of the course, (DVD’s have now actually stopped production back in 2014).

    You will not be able to attend a live 3 day workshop – ID’s are checked upon entry each day and non-students who have previously attempted to attend have been turned away at the door. You may be buying outdated materials from an un-authorized seller. You will not have access to the trade discounts as these are constantly updated.

    Even the Cosmetic Style Guide, Cherie is in the process of updating as we speak to suit the market now.

    You will miss out on access to the Bunnings Power pass discount.

    All of these make up the total package to Renovating For Profit, we do not sell any aspect of this separatly except an online only version – contact us for more information on the inclusions of this which would come close to what you may actually pay for outdated books and DVDs.

    At RFP, we like to have a mutually respectful relationship with our system by providing ongoing updates, discounts and support to our students however, penalties do apply to students who are caught attempting to sell and distribute any book included in the Renovating For Profit system.

    Kindest Regards,
    Student Support Co-ordinator

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    Hi Roezetta,

    My name is Clifton from Cherie Barber’s office.
    I have some GOOD News for you below.

    If you buy Cherie’s course from a third party you WON’T get access to:
    – Cherie’s 3 Day Boot Camp
    – All her Property Coaches
    – The National Trade Group Card (which gives you access to buying your renovation materials at Cherie’s prices).
    – Any Specific Bonuses
    These things are the HEART of Cherie’s Course.

    Just so you know, there’s no point in buying Cherie’s course from a registered student because they can’t transfer the ownership to you – therefore there’s no point in buying something you can’t use.
    The only way is to become an official registered student to get access to all of Cherie’s Tools, Support and Coaching.

    The GOOD NEWS is that I can help you and give you all the information you need !
    My number is 02 9555 5010
    My email is: [email protected]
    Could you please let me know a contact number for you & I’ll give you a quick call & show you the most cost effective way to become a student & explain the Bonuses !
    I look forward to speaking with you !
    Clifton Latter

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