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    Hello happy investors

    Just wanted to put this out there to investing land. I have recently come across a situation where there is a 1000m2 property up for sale in an area the council is approving Boarding Houses.Not to mention 2 neighbouring properties may be interested in selling if the deal suits. I visited the area today and checked out 3 other boarding houses recently built in the area, one being brand new and ready for use. This one on a 650m2 block has 16 rooms that will apparently rent for $230 each. We have a university, a TAFE, a hospital, shops and the train station all within 1km.

    Anyone out there cashed up and happy to talk ‘Joint Venture” with me?

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    I think you’ll find you’ll get better responses if you also note:

    *what you will bring to the table for the JV
    *why you can’t do the deal by yourself (hence what you’re needing from your JV party)

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    Finance, if required will need to be commercial as well.

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