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    What an incredible weekend! Mega Conference 2017…
    Massive thanks Steve McKnight for putting so much effort in order to empower other people with his gift of knowledge. Thanks to Romy, Jason and team. Well done guys.
    All the speakers were truly inspiring and engaging. It was a lot to take in over the course of 3 days but it it very well formatted and managed.
    Brendan Nichols, Peter Koulizos, Matt Jones and Daniel Gibbs were just amazing.
    In my perspective all the speakers were genuinely interested in sharing their experience and impacting people’s lives.

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    what an amazing weekend it was :). Incredible Speakers and so much information! Mostly blown away by Steve’s authenticity! Loved the ball and the dancing :)

    Thanks so much for putting this on, completely confirmed my trust in my fund investments.

    So generous about the steps too.

    12Susanne | Susanne McAllister Wellness
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    Daniel Gibbs’s talk on clarifying your calling and forming habits was awesome!! Daniel also provided a perfect example of adding value when he encouraged everyone to keep in touch with him to share our goals and new habits. Everyone who spoke over the weekend was amazing.

    Ben Calladine

    See you at the top!!

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    We really enjoyed this years conference. It was a first for us as we were unable to make it to Melbourne last year, but found it extremely valuable. We me some great people, and it was awesome chatting to like-minded individuals. Here are some key quotes that really stuck with us:

    Lisa McInnes-Smith

    • “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
    • “Success is about energy management, not just time management.”

    Daniel Flynn

    • “If an idea is good enough, the money will follow.”
    • “The fear of failure kills more dreams than failure itself.”

    Brendon Nichols

    • “If you don’t like pressure and problems, keep your job.”
    • “The whole idea of getting rich is uncomfortable. You can’t be rich without taking risks.”

    Steve McKnight

    • “Never pay extra for potential. That’s your upside, not a chance for the seller to make a profit.”

    Look forward to seeing you all again next year in Melbourne. ;)

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    Thank you Steve and the crew. Another great conference. I really enjoyed the presentations from Lisa and Brendan.

    Steve, I think your presentations are getting better and better! I’m going to get into STEPS, I think it is just what I’ve been looking for…

    Yorkie | TBA Pty Ltd

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    Great conference Steve always something new and at each conference, excellent way to stay in touch, up to date and connected. Very professional presenters backed up by your very professional and friendly team. Well done looking forward to the next.

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    It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friends.

    Herbew Fentos

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