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    Hi Team PI

    Do any of you know the pros and cons of investing minimum $10k into a property development fund that has no management fees, no entry and exit fees? Theres a monthly ROI which we can reinvest.

    I’m contemplating to invest in one.

    Thank you for your answers in advance, appreciated.


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    Whats your security?
    How do you get your money out again?

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    Hi Zen,
    I figure you might have already Googled the fund itself to read reviews etc. If not, that would be worth doing.

    Theres a monthly ROI which we can reinvest.

    Just what is that ROI%? And is it a monthly return % or a yearly % but paid monthly?

    I have heard some funds paying 5% returns monthly – but they are typically Ponzi schemes that one would be well advised to steer clear of.

    So what about your one? Does its return “sound too good to be true?” or is it in the realms of reality?


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    Agree with Benny a lot of the Development Fund schemes have proved to be Ponzi schemes.

    Then you have the associated risks with any development.

    We run an ASIC approved Mortgage Trust which offers investors a monthly income based on their investment term but don’t lend to Property Developers.

    Have to say we don’t pay anywhere near 5% / month which clearly is unsustainable.


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