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    So i need somewhere i can dock my shipping container ship,i do not need to own the land to own the home i live in and i know that some people have land doing nothing and earning nothing so i think we can work togeather and make it profitible.4x40Ft(7.4m*24.40m).Shipping containers with mid breezeway elevated off the ground.Needs to be close to populated area as I will need a gym membership and transport like trains and bus’s and the closer to mebourne C.B.D the better.This is a really long term project as i do not plan on moving it ever however a decade to say the least and all the internal contruction takes years for one guy.If you know anyone who wants to make money off land just sitting there who may be interested contact me here and I will give you my email.

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    You’ll need land zoned residential for it and to submit a DA as many councils will call putting a container on a pad development.

    Lease will need to cover: Rates, Services, Land tax (if applicable) and any work required to make the site ready for you to occupy eg getting power pole/switchboard, sewer/water meter.

    So assuming rates @ $2000/yr, water/sewer @ $1000/yr + usage (land tax probably $nil). This would add about $60/wk on top of a 5% return on say a $400k block of land, say $8000/yr. Total would be at least $11k/yr.

    How close to town will determine how much the base rent will cost you.

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