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    Hi Guys

    I have a bad feeling I learnt a tough lesson regarding paying a deposit to a contractor I don’t know on the internet.

    I found a near new aircon for a great price including install on gumtree. The guy sent a quote out with company name & ABN ect, he also has a fair few other units for sale.

    I paid $500 deposit for the unit as he would not hold it for me and we were three weeks out from needing it installed. He provided recite for the deposit.

    I had a response to an email over a week ago but nothing since, I have expressed concern at the lack of communication & requested a refund via personal email & on gumtree. I am guessing the hassle & cost of going after it is not worth the effort? Is this just a civil matter or has he committed a crime?

    The other solution I have come up with is as follows….

    I have started chatting with him again under my wife’s name on gumtree re another unit. I’m thinking I will get him out to do the job & pay him less the deposit as I have proof of recite & bank records.

    What are the potential issues other than an unpleasant exchange with the above scenario?



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    Other than going down the complaints route that sounds interesting. How did you go with it?

    PS if you want to make a complaint on gumtree

    For future reference if you have a good property manager ask them for a list of reputable trades in the area, this will eliminate the time wasters.


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    Thanks Matt

    I got on to him eventually, apparently family health scare interstate. I am fine with delaying the work but the lack of communication is not on.

    Yes I got on to gum tree & reported the account, had an email from him that afternoon.

    Wont be using him again, was a one off purchase and install of an “as new” air con with full warranty at a very good price.

    All in all this is the only issue I have had through out the reno & I’m looking to come in under budget.



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    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for taking the time to post this update – sounds like “All’s well that ends well” so, well done you!!

    The bloke could have been kosher re “family health scare”, but it is always scarey when you “don’t hear from someone”, eh? Smart move reporting it via Gumtree – seems to have put the cat amongst the pigeons and had him scrambling to update you. ;)

    Great that it didn’t need to proceed down the Ombudsman path.


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