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    Hi All

    I took possession of my property on Tuesday and am well underway with the renovations.

    I am after peoples thoughts on what is best to replace the garage door on a conversion? A sliding glass door or glass panel with windows?

    The panel is about $450 cheaper and I feel is better security.



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    Hi Simon,

    It depends on where you are going with this. I had an occasion to do similar and I chose the slider, as the house layout and location suited a possible “home office” – but could also be another bedroom, giving me, or the tenant, choice. The room created behind this front room became a study (but could also have been a “backroom” for the office – filing, storing goods, computer setup, etc).

    If your situation doesn’t suit such an option and was simply to be an extra bedroom, then maybe you don’t need a slider.


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    We had a house a while ago which had a converted garage to bedroom (it was actually a display home years ago and that was the office).

    To make it fit in, they had run a row of bricks at the bottom and top to make it a proper large window – i prefer this aesthetically to just putting wall to wall glass which is an obvious conversion which will reduce the appeal somewhat from a value perspective.

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