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    I want to know how to make homes more valuable and sell faster. Please share your ideas.

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    I want to know how to make homes… sell faster. Please share your ideas.

    Judging by your signature, I was under the impression that you already know the quickest(!) way?

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    I’ll get the ball rolling with a few basics – but as Ethan says, I wouldn’t think these are news to you ;)

    – A renovated kitchen and/or bathroom is a big plus. Don’t overdo it, though – we sometimes pay a bit more for these upgrades but not as much as people might think. That said, it definitely gives an edge over otherwise comparable options.
    – Broken lights, sprinklers, cupboards etc can make it seem like the property has not been well cared for, so it’s worth paying attention to these small things before holding a viewing.
    – Trim lawns, weed garden beds and remove any dead plants.
    – Attractive furnishings are good, but remove as much clutter as possible – it makes the space less compelling and creates question marks about hidden damage.

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    Quality Staging also works. I always do it when selling. It has never let me down. Typically I’m under offer in 2 weeks and get more than I think the property i worth.

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    Tasteful renovations to remove ‘problems’ – ie people wanting a functioning house from day 1, not something which requires repairs. Balancing cost vs value increase is essential that you don’t overcapitalise as theres no point burning money.

    David raises good point, once you have a respectable home having well staged home can help entice buyers by giving them a visual view of the best the property can be in.

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    Staging works wonders for the right property.

    Some basic cosmetic renos – paint, new flooring, etc can also help.



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