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    I have made the commitment to sell with Purple Bricks. You have to pay upfront.
    I have had my Brisbane unit for sale for 6 weeks. The agent says there has not been one inquiry. I find it strange, even a low ball offer is better than nothing, no one attended the open houses? Is this just the market because there are too many brand new units for sale in Brisbane? Perhaps no one is interested in cheaper second hand units?

    What can I do? If I pull out of selling I will loose my $5k I have paid upfront?? My only other option is to ask Purple Bricks for a refund due to inability to sell.


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    Out of interest…. which conveyancer/solicitor are you using?

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    Hi Vyaw,

    Hmm – a quick look at their website has me wondering…. it said this:-

    You don’t have to pay anything upfront and there is no commission when you sell!

    It also said you get an expert on your side until sold. It “infers” that they WILL sell it for you, and for just hte one-off cost too.

    Is your deal that “They WILL sell it for no extra money?” Or is there some kind of Sunset Clause, and, if you run out of time, they keep your cash and you keep the Unit? For such little money, I guess they don’t spend a lot of time chasing buyers – advertise it on their website and maybe or Domain, and sit by the phone? See, they are also taking photos and drawing up a floorplan for you too. They don’t have a lot of profit to do all that AND keep the phones and aircon on !!

    Any clues re locality, desirability of area, condition of Unit(s), etc. Depending on what you have, it might suit a DIFFERENT way of marketing (e.g. LO, or “Rent to Buy”, etc)

    Put some more words around what you have there, and let’s see what comes up,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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