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    Hi All,

    I bought my first ip1 then had equity release done on it. i then made a split of 55k for ip2 for deposit + buying costs.

    1 loan (has 40k redraw available)
    2 loan (55k split for ip2) (has 8k available) didnt end up using whole 55k

    ip2 then got revalued and pulled 30k

    ip2 loan
    ip2 loan (30k redraw available)

    all up equity is 78k, I will want to use this money for my next purchase how much? i don’t know yet assuming more then 40k though.

    my aim is to not have a multi-purpose loan etc for it to get messy and get confused which money came from which property/mortgage. i know as it’s all for investment purpose atm there wouldn’t be any tax issues if i just put all equity into one account and then paid the deposit etc but i want to know whats the best way of doing this?

    my thoughts are the 30k redraw gets paid into the 55k split account so thats brings 3 loans down to 2. This is where i get confused.

    i’ve been told it’s a good idea if u borrow from ip1 for ip2 for deposit once ip2 grows pay back ip1 so that the loans are only against 1 property etc it makes it cleaner.

    any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I can see what you’re hoping to do. It’s a little complex but can be done to a degree. Which lender are you with? Some are easier than others to do this.

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    As Jess stated the lender you choose will play an important role. Some lenders will let you split and merge facilities post settlement where others require a full assessment to do so.

    To avoid confusion with multiple loan splits I clearly label each split (via internet banking portal) appropriately and use the available funds related to that property only whilst being careful to clearly document each outgoing payment with appropriate commentary.

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    Where did you ‘pull the equity’ to?

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