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    Hello, are there any Buyers Agents out there who have implemented used Steve McNight’s strategies with their clients? Can you provide your contact details as I may need your assistance at some stage. Thanks.

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    A BA who implemented Steve McKnight’s strategies….
    I am curious to learn more about this, would it be okay for you to share?

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    I have bought through a couple different ones recently.

    Frank Valentic – Advantage Property (VIC based)
    Bought a couple ‘group block’ properties, which is a strategy where the whole block of units/apartment is bought in bulk (cheaper then there individual value) and later subdivided and fully externally renovated – adding quick value and equity.

    Scott O’Niel – ReThink Investing (QLD based)
    Bought a couple of Cash flow positive properties through him I would have otherwise not really considered. Does a due diligence to the scope of property your looking for as well as the key criteria (in his companies foundations) to what boxes should be ticked.

    I Guess both use elements of Steve’s strategies, with the fundamentals of buying below market value strong in both strategies. Hope that helps!

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    It might be worth checking with Steve Mcknight or the people within his organisation as to whether they have any direct BA affiliations which follow his investment style?

    In terms of BA’s in SA David Mews of is very well regarded – looking after a broad spread of investors from cash flow investors, developers, commercial etc.

    In QLD I’ve had good experiences working with Property Zest and Simon Loo from House Finder.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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