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    Hi experts,

    Anyone here has any experience investing in Charter Hall REIT funds and especially the office REIT?
    What’s the thought on the to be launched long WALE REIT fund?


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    Generally REITs trade at a discount to net tangible assets.

    Cashflow is pretty stable.

    You’ll need to understand the tenancy profile to determine whether there are any significant expiries which may impact on returns.

    Are there quality tenants in the mix?

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    Err, I think they were once called, Macquarie Office Trust. Listed on the ASX punching along at $1.20 per share, then in 2006 they started purchasing high quality offices in the USA with only 5% yields. GFC hit. Refinancing become a challenge. Properties sold off at way below purchase price. Share price tanked to $0.30. Name change required asap. Changes some faces. Strategy is the same. Millionaires factory, yeh right. Fee fiend factory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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