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    Hi All

    Can anyone help? Im looking for experienced people to deal with in Hobart

    Firstly a good accountant with property investing knowledge, and if anyone knows a good broker that would also be useful


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    Hey Sares,

    I would start by saying I know no one in Hobart with the professions you are after. In saying that though, do you really require a face to face meeting with accountants and brokers? It is more time efficient and more convenient for both parties to communicate over the phone, email or skype. There are heaps of property investment savvy accountants and brokers around here. Just do a quick search and connect with the people that you think you can work with and start from there.


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    I used to live in Hobart, if that counts ;)

    Many accountants and brokers are happy to work via skype/email/phone if you have trouble finding a good one locally.

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    I don’t know of any brokers/accountants in Tassie – that’s not to say there aren’t decent ones though.

    As above – plenty of brokers/accountants work with clients remotely.



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    I’d recommend Denis Laing, operating as Taxmen in Hobart – phone (03) 6231 9366

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