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    I am planning to do a renovation course but I am torn between courses offered by these two ladies. I attended Cherie’s two hour seminar last weekend. I have watched some of Jane’s videos. According to Cherie, there are also other presenters at her course and trade exhibition. I am yet to find out what is offered at Jane’s Ultimate Renovation course.

    If you have attended these courses, can you give some feedback please? How was the help given post course?

    Thank you.

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    Did you end up signing up to one of the courses? If so, what’s your take on it?

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    I can only speak for Jane because I know her.

    She’s the real deal – very genuine, intelligent and has a desire to help.

    Have you checked out her recent podcast?



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    Hi Aureus,

    I have a property portfolio where I use renovation to manufacture equity. I have done both Jane and Cherie’s course. Cherie course goes into much more detail and gives you the practical tools (no stone is left unturned) and you will feel confident with the practicalities of applying the strategy (yourself). There are checklists, feasibility calculators (for all States of Australia), legal documents, the list goes on and on. Jane’s content doesn’t have the depth but is still informative. Cherie also provides a style guide which goes through every item / product / supplier that you will ever need for every part of your renovation. Because of her profile and the amount of students she has, her trade discount card is of extreme value. You will save $$$ at major suppliers – Bunnings, Online Appliances, Wattyl paint etc. Plus you have access to her coaching staff who can hold your hand throughout the who process, end to end from buying to negotiating on a property as well as the actual renovation process etc. Cherie has completed over 100 renovations. Jane’s main business is as a mortgage broker.

    I now work for Cherie, so you might assume I am being biased but hand on heart, I can write this with absolute integrity. You also get the boot camp where you will meet like minded, motivated students and there is a trade show where you see and feel the products.

    If you would like any more information then please call on
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