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    I have a 2 home – splitter block and council have put in the planning permit that I paint / colour the driveway that peels off to the front dwelling a different colour to the main driveway that continues down to the rear new house.

    I think it will look ugly, unappealing etc, but they are adament that this has to be done, has anyone heard of this / seen this before. Council gone mad, and am I fighting a losing battle if i contest this with them…..

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    Yes, happened to us two times in Brisbane. It was to distinguish pedestrian traffic and cars, in our case. Yes, it peels off,and is high maintenance. If colours are well chose,n does not have to be ugly. You may consider differentiation in materials (concrete/pavers combination), if budget allows.

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    Only a town planner could come up with something so ludricrous

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    See if you can use a different material instead of driveway – if it’s already in place you’re going to have a fun time getting the council to change their mind on this.

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    Exposed aggregate or coloured oxide vs plain concrete are easy options.

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